Site Builder

Privision Content and Solutions in Office 365

Site Builder is a content provisioning tool for SharePoint Online Office 365. It's a rapid way to build out a SharePoint environment with content, structure and branding.

Site Builder is for consultancies and solution developers that want a repeatable method of deploying SharePoint customisations, templates, demonstration environments and off-the-shelf solutions to a global Office 365 audience.


  • Broad support for SharePoint content, structure and branding
  • Export facility to extract content and structure from SharePoint
  • Customise the look of the install wizard
  • Uploads and activates WSP files
  • Extensibile with PowerShell and the SharePoint Client Side Object Model
  • Automated mode for rapid development cycle and automated build integration
  • Management reporting for tracking content pack deployments

How Does it Work?

SharePoint content, structure and branding is packaged in to a "content pack" using the Site Builder development environment.

If you are targeting a mass market, you can put your content pack on the web and use Site Builder to distribute it to a global audience and track its success.

Your customers use the Site Builder setup wizard to deploy your content pack to SharePoint Online.

Want to Find out More?

If you'd like to request a demonstration of Site Builder and find out whether it could help your business, contact us by:

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