Files To Go for Office 365

File Migration for SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business

Files To Go for Office 365 is a file migration tool for copying files from network drives, file servers, network shares and personal folders to SharePoint Online team sites and OneDrive for Business.

Files To Go makes your migration to Office 365 smoother, faster and streamlined when you have thousands of files and gigabytes of data to move. Files To Go is compliant with Office 365 file naming standards, limits and boundaries.

Migrate files from home drives, personal folders and Active Directory home folders to OneDrive for Business with Files To Go. Files To Go gives you the choice to migrate files centrally and in bulk to OneDrive for Business or let your users operate Files To Go directly to migrate their files to OneDrive for Business.


  • Compatible with Office 365 Small Business, Midsize Business, Enterprise, Education and OneDrive for Business standalone plans
  • Renames files with illegal characters that are blocked or banned by SharePoint Online
  • Automatically renames file extensions that are blocked by SharePoint Online
  • Supports Office 365 managed identity and ADFS
  • Identifies files with URL path lengths and file sizes that are too big for SharePoint Online
  • Only copies new or changed files if you rerun the migration (incremental migration)
  • Keeps the original modified and created dates of the files
  • Copies empty folders
  • Supports files up to 2GB in size
  • Migrate multiple source locations to multiple team site locations in bulk
  • Warns on site collection storage limits and OneDrive for Business 20,000 item limit
  • Analyse and migrate to many OneDrive for Business sites from personal folders in bulk
  • Provides a complete audit trail of every file migrated
  • Creates (provisions) OneDrive for Business sites in bulk that have not already been created
  • Manages permissions on OneDrive for Business sites automatically when migrating in bulk
  • Automatically re-authenticates with SharePoint Online for long running migrations

Download the Free Trial

See how Files To Go for Office 365 can help your migration with our free trial. The trial is fully functional, limited only by the number of files you can migrate.

Files To Go works with Microsoft Windows on the desktop and Windows Server including SBS (Small Business Server) with Microsoft .Net 3.5 or later.

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Here is a quick walk through of your free Files To Go trial. Files To Go supports four modes of operation; migrating to team sites and site collections, migrating to your personal OneDrive for Business, migrating to team sites in bulk and migrating to many OneDrive for Business in bulk.

  • To migrate to your team site, choose the Your Team Site option in Files To Go.
  • Files To Go Screenshot

Files To Go will prompt you to sign in to Office 365, if you are federated the sign in is automatic. Once signed in, browse your Office 365 and choose the library or folder to migrate to and then choose which files and folders to migrate.

  • Files To Go analyses the files you have chosen then shows how much data there is to migrate and highlights any issues it found.
  • Files To Go Screenshot

Now run the migration. Files To Go will migrate all the files and folders to your chosen team site library.

  • Once your migration completes Files To Go provides a full audit report of every file migrated and any issues it had during migration. Just click the link in Files To Go to open the report.
  • Files To Go Screenshot

A subscription to Files To Go includes one Tenant Seat. This permits one user to operate Files To Go to migrate files and folders to your site collections and to OneDrive for Business sites.

If you have a large migration you can purchase additional seats to help split the workload between your colleagues or to migrate in parallel on multiple computers.

  • Migrating in bulk to your team sites can also help on large migrations. To migrate in bulk choose the Bulk Team Site Migration option.
  • Files To Go Screenshot
  • Provide Files To Go with a CSV format file with a batch of the source locations and destination libraries or folders in your team sites to migrate to. Files To Go provides a sample CSV file for you to use as a starting point for your own.
  • Files To Go Screenshot

Files To Go will analyse each source folder and destination location providing a summary of how much data there is to migrate and highlighting any issues. Follow the remaining wizard steps to migrate the files and view your migration report. Migrating in bulk makes large migrations easier to manage.

Migrating to OneDrive for Business. Your users can migrate their personal folders to OneDrive for Business themselves using Files To Go with the OneDrive for Business Only seat. Files To Go makes it easy for them to migrate their own data to OneDrive for Business.

  • They just choose the Your OneDrive for Business option in Files To Go and follow the wizard steps to migrate their personal files and folders to their OneDrive for Business.
  • Files To Go Screenshot

Files To Go can analyse and migrate from many Active Directory home folders or personal folders on a file server to OneDrive for Business in bulk. If you prefer central migration, then bulk OneDrive for Business migration could work for you.

  • Choose the Bulk OneDrive for Business Migration option to start the process.
  • Files To Go Screenshot
  • Provide Files To Go with a CSV file. Each row in the CSV file identifies an Office 365 user and the location of their personal folder or home drive.
  • Files To Go Screenshot
  • Now choose your CSV file in Files To Go.
  • Files To Go Screenshot
  • Files To Go checks if each OneDrive for Business site is ready for migration. If any OneDrive for Business sites are not ready Files To Go will provision the OneDrive for Business sites in bulk.
  • Files To Go Screenshot

After that, Files To Go takes care of the whole analysis and migration for you, even managing permissions on OneDrive for Business and warning you if OneDrive for Business storage thresholds and item limits will be exceeded.

Bulk migration is an add-on to your Files To Go subscription. If you have many source folders or OneDrive for Business to migrate you should consider adding bulk migration to your subscription.

Migrating to SkyDrive Pro?

Microsoft recently rebranded SkyDrive Pro as OneDrive for Business. Its the same service just with a different name.

If you are looking to migrate file shares, network drives or personal folders to SkyDrive Pro then its the same as migrating to OneDrive for Business.

Who is Using Files To Go?

  • Aquila Engineering
  • Data Migrated
  • 6 GB
  • Florida Dept. Elder Affairs
  • Data Migrated
  • 2.4 TB
  • Alpine Interactive
  • Data Migrated
  • 150 GB
  • MH Partnership
  • Data Migrated
  • 28 GB

Complies with Standards

  • File name restrictions
  • Blocked file extensions
  • File size restrictions
  • URL path lengths
  • OneDrive limits

Performance Calculator

Use this form to calculate your Files To Go migration performance (speed and duration). The calculator is a guide not a guarantee of performance, actual results may vary.

How much data are you migrating to Office 365 with Files To Go?

What's the upload bandwidth dedicated to each PC/server running Files To Go?

How many PCs or servers will you run Files To Go in parallel on (for better throughput)?

Your migration to Office 365 with Files To Go is estimated to take 30.8 hours with a migration speed of 0.5 MB/s.

What Do Customers Say?

  • Mark, MTR Services
  • Glad I found you. The software is working perfectly. Over 1.5TB migrated! I am very impressed.
  • Nazz, Nimbulus
  • We used Files to Go to migrate 500GB of data to 16 Office 365 site collections and 200 OneDrive for Business accounts. Files To Go is a real time saver.
  • CIO, Britannic Technologies
  • File to Go was brilliant. We used it to successfully migrate over 19,000 files to SharePoint Online.

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